Careers Resource Library

What is the Career Resource Library and how do I use it?
The Career Resource Library is a collection of career- and employment-related resources, both Internet links and articles. Resources are available to help you investigate education and training, choose an occupation, find a job, plan career moves, and a host of other employment-related tasks. The Career Resource Library offers users two main ways of searching its collection. Use the keyword search by entering a keyword or phrase in the search text box, or browse through the collection by topic. Use the “Filter by Audience” option if you are looking for resources geared to a specific group such as students, older workers, military, or other groups.

Use the links below to access the Career Resource Library.

Who would benefit from the Career Resource Library?
Job seekers, employers, businesses, students, career development professionals, parents, workers and others with an interest in career or employment information will find articles and Web sites to meet their needs in the Career Resource Library.

What’s the best way to find what I’m looking for in the Career Resource Library?
If you are looking for a specific topic, try entering the topic into the “Keyword Search” first. If you are looking for more general help in career planning or other topics, try browsing through the topics or using the site map of the Career Resource Library. If you are interested in resources for a particular group such as students or military personnel, try the “Filter by Audience” option.

How do I use the Career Resource Library’s Keyword Search?
Enter a word or phrase in the Keyword Search and select one of the following search options: all words (this is the same as using AND between keywords and phrases and will return only results that contain both words), any word (this is the same as using OR between keywords and will return results containing either word) or the exact phrase (this is the same as putting quotes around the keywords and phrases and will return only results containing all words in the exact order entered).

What if I can’t find the exact topic I’m looking for?
Search for specific topics by using the Career Resource Library’s Site Map.

How is the list of Career Resource Library resources compiled? Can I recommend a resource to include?
CareerOneStop staff research and evaluate career-related Web sites and articles. Those that meet the inclusion policy become part of the Career Resource Library. This is an ongoing process and new resource links are added regularly. If you would like to be added to the Career Resource Library, submit a link request by sending an email to or by calling toll-free 1-877-348-0502 (TTY 1-877-348-0501). Staff will review the link request according to the inclusion policy. If appropriate, the link will be included in the Career Resource Library.

What are related resources for the Career Resource Library?
The Career Exploration tool helps you break down the career exploration process into five manageable steps. Like the Career Resource Library, this tool provides guidance and directs you to resources to help you succeed.

Looking for more career information? This tool links you to other Websites and reading materials you can use to find answers.

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