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As of September 14th, 2015 Bozeman.Careers is a division of Segment, Inc. Contact Bozeman Careers or Segment, Inc. team members via any of the channels above.

As a full service career employment website, Bozeman.Careers offers flexible employment options across a variety of skill sets, including contract, contract-to-hire and permanent opportunities. A contract position has a specific end date, while a contract- to-hire position has the potential to become permanent after the contract period is complete.

An employment website offers applicants a unique experience versus a traditional job search. Choosing to begin your job search with a staffing company gives you immediate access to positions at leading companies that partner with Bozeman.Careers. You get the opportunity to work online with a professional recruiter to identify your strengths, skills and how to apply your prior work experience. In addition, your recruiter will share important details about a position and provide interview tips so that you can demonstrate your skills and expertise.

By working with an employment website, you can also build your network of connections and increase the number and variety of jobs you qualify for through Bozeman.Careers.

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